NetSteady is a limited liability company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Since our inception in 2003, we have run our organization without loans, investors, or third-party interest. We have no liens, lawsuits, or problems on our record. Running our business in this mode guarantees to our customers and employees that we have a long-term commitment to success.

For our clients, NetSteady provides a complete solution; addressing the technical requirements and potential risk scenarios involved in building complex networks. Simply put NetSteady:

  • Designs, builds, maintains and operates distributed networks, our core business
  • Works with businesses to deliver reliable, economically viable technical solutions
  • Executes maintenance agreements and manages end-user support
  • Provides all the engineering expertise to design new networks, often without site visits
  • Manages service provider agreements and (when necessary) negotiates on your behalf
  • Addresses the requirements for advances in technology that may require network modifications

There are networking companies, and then there is NetSteady. Their dedication to the customer is unparalleled.

Nic Davirro
     Planet One Networks

Bresco and NetSteady work together to provide internet solutions to businesses and apartment complexes. We love them!

Brent Beatty
     Bresco Broadband